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For over 50 years, Union System has been sprinting towards a new era, poised to lead as a global manufacturing company and pioneer in the Smart Factory platform domain. Committed to a sustainable future, we practice comprehensive ESG management across our operations.


Creation of Environmental Achievements

Yeonhap System adheres to the management strategies established according to the international standard ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems. We actively participate in energy conservation and environmental protection efforts, including the development of eco-friendly components and electric vehicle batteries, greenhouse gas reduction activities, hazardous substance management, and community clean-up initiatives. Our employees are united in their sincere commitment to these endeavors.


Creating Social Value

Amidst global supply chain crises such as Japan’s export regulations and the US-China power struggle, Yeonhap System remains committed to securing the competitiveness of domestic companies by investing in research and development. In line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we aim to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by facilitating true digital transformation through our services.

Simultaneously, we focus on creating economic value and strengthening the foundation for sustainable growth by enhancing our IT development capabilities and expanding our business through initiatives such as establishing an integrated sales headquarters.


Transparent Governance Structure

Yeonhap System pursues a fair and transparent organizational culture to foster a healthy work environment. With a commitment to integrity and adherence to principles in management, we provide our members with an environment where they want to work. We operate tailored welfare benefits programs, such as an in-house daycare center and electric vehicle charging facilities, in addition to fair and reasonable compensation based on performance, ensuring a well-rounded approach to employee satisfaction.


Our management philosophy embodies the perfect harmony of quality, environment, and safety, leading to sustainable excellence. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and safe environment shapes our future together.

Quality Management

We develop and manufacture bearings with the performance desired by our customers quickly and accurately. In addition, we continuously strive to innovate in bearing design and manufacturing technology by establishing a precision measurement laboratory equipped with various precision measurement instruments, in conjunction with our corporate research institute.

Customized Bearing Development and Production

Fifty years of accumulated manufacturing technology and expertise

We need to possess core technology across all production stages, including planning, design, prototype production, mass production, quality control, delivery, and after-sales service.

Top-Quality Products

– Precision Measurement Lab

– Floor Vibration Minimization, Anti-vibration System Implementation

– Temperature and Humidity Management according to Standard Room Environment

Optimal Design

– Utilization of Advanced Design Techniques by Specialized Researchers

– 3D Modeling with Siemens NX

– PLM (Product Lifecycle Management System)

Safety Management

We prioritize creating a workplace where the safety and health of workers are protected, aiming to achieve an accident-free company. Through internal safety education and regular inspections, we will strive to create a safe and healthy workplace.

Worker Safety and Health is our Top Priority

Achievement of Recognition as an Excellent Workplace for Hazard Assessment

We aim to achieve an accident-free workplace by regularly or periodically conducting risk assessments and safety activities.

Environmental Management

Efforts toward carbon neutrality ultimately connect to the growth and competitiveness of the company. Our company, which has reduced emissions through carbon vouchers, is diligently striving for carbon reduction efforts, including preparing for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).

Creation of Environmental Achievements

Establishing eco-friendly workplaces
for a sustainable future
and environmental protection for humanity.

We are implementing GHP air conditioning systems that use natural gas instead of electricity, significantly reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, we are planning to install solar panels on rooftop parking lots for shading, taking our efforts beyond human happiness to care for the happiness of the Earth.