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We provide the best bearing solutions with comprehensive capabilities from in-house production to distribution.

We make the best bearings

Special & customised bearings for every application.

A variety of excellent quality bearings can be processed, from ball bearings to high-tech bearings.

Special Bearing
  • Possess the ability to develop local production of overseas imported products

  • Research and development and reverse engineering

  • Operation of a dedicated design/production/quality management organization

We’ll find it for you.

Guaranteed highest quality, lowest price, and quick supply

We provide optimal service for bearing distribution at the optimal unit price supplied from all over the world.

  • timely delivery

  • optimal unit price

  • Warranty

Tailored Precision for Every Application

customized bearing solutions

Experience the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and service with our Customized Bearing Solutions. Contact us today to find or create the bearing that meets your exact needs.


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Korean company with 50 years of tradition

Founded in 1970, our company is a specialized manufacturer and distributor of bearings for heavy equipment. We produce and supply high-quality customized bearings that meet the diverse needs of our customers through custom manufacturing. We are proud to be the primary partners of the first and second largest forklif. Additionally, we distribute a wide range of bearings, ensuring the lowest prices, highest quality, and fastest delivery times.

  • Self-production and manufacturing possible

  • Distributes standard bearings of various brands such as NSK, SKF, NTN, etc.