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Business Headquarters

The business headquarters is the core of the organization, where teams from various fields collaborate to achieve the company’s core objectives. We welcome passionate and skilled individuals, providing opportunities for growth and development together.

Production Team

Sales Team

purcharse Team

IT Business Team

Quality Management Team

Strategy Headquarters

The Strategy Headquarters provides innovative and strategic directions, enhancing the company’s competitiveness through collaboration among various teams. The Manufacturing Research and Development Team and the IT Research and Development Team pursue cutting-edge technologies and innovations, while the Branding Team establishes and strengthens the company’s image. Additionally, the Planning and Management Teams lead the formulation and execution of strategies to maximize organizational performance.

Manufacturing R&D


Planning Team

Branding Team


Management Team

R&D Center

At the core of Yeonhap Systems, our R&D center combines three teams—Manufacturing Research and Development, IT Research and Development, and Quality Management—into one, fostering innovative and creative research. Each team pursues innovation in various fields based on its expertise, driving continuous technological advancement for Yeonhap Systems.

Our Manufacturing Research and Development team focuses on researching and developing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to create outstanding products. The IT Research and Development team leads digital innovation in businesses by developing IT solutions that reflect the latest technology trends. Additionally, the Quality Management team ensures high-quality standards, maintaining our products and services at the highest level consistently.