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management team

A team comprised of members with broad and upright minds

Management team work characteristics and culture

As a department that manages accounting and funds, it is a warm-hearted group of people who carry out planned work based on employee trust.

A group of people who care about the details so that executives and employees do not have any inconveniences in handling their work.

Human Resources/Labor is a group of people with a broad mind who understands and embraces employees with an unbiased attitude.


We perform transparent accounting and periodical settlement for stable financial management.

General Affairs

We are responsible for improving employee welfa
re and environment, and focus on maintaining re
gulations and creating a work environment free of complaints.

Human Resources/Labor

We strengthen organizational culture and provide convenience to employees through efficient person
nel management and employee-centered work pro

Competence and capabilities of the management team

Competence and capabilities of the management team

Financial/cost accounting experience

You will be responsible for managing the company’s finances and costs, and will be responsible for maintaining and improving the company’s financial health through your experience and expertise.

Person with experience in personnel management and general affairs

He will be responsible for overseeing the happiness and growth of employees and will contribute to increasing work efficiency within the organization and creating a pleasant working environment.

Excellent computer skills

You will maximize work efficiency through excellent computer skills.

Team Goals and Strategy

Team Goals and Strategy

Recruitment of the right manpower

  • By securing appropriate manpower, we efficiently perform accounting, finance, human resources, labor, and general affairs tasks and strengthen cooperation between departments.

Regulation maintenance

  • We improve work efficiency by reorganizing work processes and regulations and realize transparent and effective work operations.

Creating a work environment without complaints

  • For the convenience of our executives and employees, we create a work environment free of complaints, provide an environment in which employees can focus on their work, and promote the improvement of employees’ work capabilities.