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Team Introduction
The Yeonhap Systems Manufacturing Research and Development team always prioritizes customer satisfaction, continuously growing with a passion for technical challenges and innovative thinking.


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Manufacturing R&D team culture

organizational culture
We focus on individuals and teams working together to solve challenging tasks and continually improve. Through open communication and a transparent work environment, we share ideas and create innovative solutions.

Research direction
We develop high-quality bearings and precision mechanical parts, leveraging the latest technologies and industry trends to provide innovative solutions for diverse customer needs. Our goal is to become an industry leader through continuous research and development.

Mass production product design development

We conduct research and development on new/improved precision machine parts and bearings through analysis of RFQs and requirements.

New product research and development

We develop new products through idea generation and development activities through patent and product analysis.

Perform government research and development projects

As a researcher for government development projects, I carry out overall development work, including research and development and writing performance reports.

Research and development direction

“Research together and create results”

Our research and development follows the steps of design optimization, design verification, and product verification, focusing on improving product reliability. Through innovative design and rigorous verification processes, we guarantee the best performance and durability, and provide stable and reliable products to our customers.


1. Design optimization

Design optimization through review of customer requirements, usage conditions, etc.


2. Design verification

Basic Design Cal. and preliminary design verification through simulation, etc.


3. Product verification

Securing reliability by verifying unit component performance

연구 개발 분야

Research and development field

Our manufacturing research and development team conducts innovative research in three key areas:

Precision bearings for combined loads

We are developing precision bearings for high-load environments using cutting-edge technology. Bearings with excellent durability and efficiency contribute to applications in a variety of industries.

Bearings and parts for special environments

Research is focused on bearings and parts used in special environments. We provide reliable solutions by developing parts that operate stably in a variety of environments, including chemicals and high or low temperatures.

Precision slewing reducer module

Focusing on the development of precision slewing reducer modules, we conduct research to improve the performance of mechanical systems and increase energy efficiency. We provide powerful and efficient reducers that can be used in a variety of industries.

시스템 및 프로그램

Systems and Programs


(Product Lifecycle Management)

PLM(Product Lifecycle Management)

We carry out our work by effectively utilizing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), a product life cycle management system. In particular, the efficiency of production and design work is greatly improved through linkage with the NX CAD / CAM system.


1. Linkage with NX CAD/CAM system:
Smooth communication and collaboration between production and design work has become possible through linking the NX CAD/CAM system through PLM.
2. Increased efficiency:
The introduction of the PLM system has improved information sharing and collaboration between design and production, focusing on speeding up product development and improving product quality.
3. Integrated management of design drawings and documents:
We minimize errors and realize efficient collaboration by managing design drawings and documents in an integrated manner through the PLM system.

CAD 3D 모델링 설계

CAD 3D modeling design

We specialize in advanced 3D modeling and design based on Siemens NX CAD. Leveraging Siemens NX CAD, we offer innovative and precise designs, and provide various design and manufacturing solutions through SolidWorks and AUTOCAD as well. We offer comprehensive design and manufacturing services to our customers, providing optimized CAD 3D modeling and a variety of software tools for a wide range of applications.




Yeonhap Systems leverages “Siemens NX®” to deliver powerful performance with features such as freeform surface area and WCS movement, enabling manufacturing from 2-AXIS turning to 5-AXIS multi-axis machining. NX CAM provides robust functionality to efficiently handle multiple tasks within a single system.

Various machining options:
With Siemens NX®, we realize manufacturing that meets diverse needs, from 2-AXIS turning to 4-AXIS turn-mill and 5-AXIS multi-axis machining.

Efficient NC programming:
NX CAM offers a range of features from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, effectively saving programming time.

Automation and optimization of repetitive tasks:
Through automation of repetitive tasks, we save 90% of programming time and can collect and reuse verified machining processes for faster NC programming.

The flexibility of Siemens NX® allows even the most challenging tasks to be completed easily, and Yeonhap Systems provides customers with efficient and reliable manufacturing solutions through this.