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Branding Team

A team that creates and strengthens brand value


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Branding team work characteristics and culture

Creative Storyteller
The branding team is comprised of team members with outstanding skills in creating and communicating the brand’s story. Writers and designers work together to create a brand that stands out.

Digital Innovator
Web service planners and marketers develop strategies to optimize online platforms and effectively deliver brand value to customers. We play the role of leading brands with innovative strategies in line with the digital era.

Homepage planning

User experience optimization and website structure/functional planning

Design editor

Maintain a consistent image with the visual representation of your brand message


Promote your company or brand and expand its presence in the market

Branding team’s capabilities and capabilities


We discover new ideas and develop creative concepts to create a unique brand image.

Visual sense

Build a visually appealing brand by visually expressing your brand message and maintaining a consistent image.

Analytical Skills

Ability to develop effective branding strategies through market research and competitor analysis.

Branding Team Goals

Strengthen brand visibility

  • We increase brand awareness through promotional and marketing activities to increase brand visibility in the fields of precision machinery parts, bearings, and manufacturing monitoring IT services.

Increased awareness and understanding

  • Collaborate with sales and development teams to develop and utilize appropriate sales materials and marketing content to increase customer understanding of products and services.

Strengthening digital marketing

  • We utilize SNS and digital platforms to effectively convey information about precision machinery parts, bearings, and manufacturing monitoring IT services and encourage customer interest.