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IT business team work characteristics and culture

Customer Centricity
The IT business team focuses on understanding customer needs and demands and providing solutions. It is important to increase customer satisfaction and maintain long-term relationships through a customer-centric approach.

Open communication and feedback culture
Effective communication and feedback play an important role in the success of the IT business team. Team members respect each other’s opinions, communicate with an open mind, and seek improvement and growth through continuous feedback.

BaroFactory Sales

We will hold face-to-face meetings with companies and owners who need Barofactory, where you can check the status of our factory machines and unde
rstand the real-time process through a single mon
itor, and introduce them in detail. To ensure that th
ere are no disruptions in factory operations, ‘Install
ation today, service start tomorrow’ is possible, and the 1:1 dedicated mark carefully manages everythi
ng from accurate network settings to monitor insta
llation, and the Yonhap System IT business team is responsible and accompanies you from installation to use.

attract customers

Responsible for overall work to attract new custom
ers to Baro Factory. As a partner, we support comp
anies in building an enhanced smart factory enviro
nment, including collaboration methods between c
ustomers and allied systems, know-how to use and introduce Barofactory, and strategies for reconside
ring operational efficiency. We help customers succ
essfully transition to smart factories based on the k
now-how we have accumulated while creating succ
essful cases of digital innovation in the manufactur
ing industry with over 100 customer companies.

Customer Continuity Management

We actively communicate and provide services to maintain and improve relationships with custome
rs. It is important to keep your customers happy an
d meet their needs.  In addition, we take the lead in maintaining close relationships with customers and reflecting them in order to develop Barofactory in a better direction, including discussing improvement directions and receiving complaints.

Qualifications required for the IT business team

communication skills

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is required in the process of persuading and negotiating with the other party.

patience and resilience

It takes patience and resilience to deal positively with rejection and rejection. Sales can involve repeated rejections and failures, so being able to deal with these situations is important.

customer centricity

It is important to understand your customers’ needs and have a customer-centric approach. Your ability to maintain relationships with customers and respond quickly to their needs can be directly related to your sales performance.

problem solving skills

You need the ability to quickly resolve various problems that may arise in the process of solving customer or potential customer problems and providing products or services.

Team Goals and Strategy

Team Goals and Strategy

Feedback and Improvement Strategies

  • Systematic continuous management according to expansion of new customers

  • Aim for scheduling existing and new customer visit cycles and stabilizing Barofactory functionality

  • Achieve and maintain goals by improving customer satisfaction

  • Rapid feature improvement and requirements establishment through collaboration with the IT development team

Acquire new customers

  • Targeting and segmentation: Identify customer needs and establish customized marketing strategies

  • Free trial offer: Provides product experience for a certain period of time

  • Referral program: Leverage satisfied customers to attract and stabilize new customers

increase sales

  • Increased number of machine subscriptions and increased sales by securing new customers

  • This year’s goal: Achieve 300 registered machines