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Planning Team

Roles and functions of the planning team

“Establishing and executing a strategic vision: Setting goals and checking execution”
Establish strategic goals for organizational vision, establish plans for their realization, and check implementation status


Budgeting and Management

Establish and effectively manage your organization
‘s budget. Allocate a budget considering sales, profi
tability, etc. and monitor the execution of the budg
et to optimize the organization’s fund flow and effi
ciently manage financial resources.

Establishment of sales/profitability/investment plan

For the long-term growth of the organization, we set goals related to sales, profitability, investment, etc. and develop plans to achieve them.

Progress monitoring

We continuously monitor and evaluate the achievement of the set goals. Improve organizational performance by systematically tracking progress in sales, profitability, investment, etc., taking action when necessary, and adjusting strategies.

Planning team’s goals

government support project

  • Discovering support projects through research and analysis of various support projects provided by the government

  • Establishing and executing a process for writing proposals for support projects and securing support funds

Increased sales and profitability

  • Increase sales by establishing and implementing new market entry strategies

  • Improve profitability by attracting various funds and investments, including government-supported projects.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency through process improvement and resource allocation optimization