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team work characteristics and culture

Emphasis on strategic partnerships
– Purchasing teams emphasize strategic partnerships to work with suppliers to achieve business goals.

open communication
– The purchasing team promotes the exchange of ideas and opinions through open communication, increasing cooperation among employees and freely suggesting new ideas.

Continuous improvement and innovation
– The purchasing team pursues continuous improvement and innovation, keeping abreast of the latest trends in the industry and improving processes to drive better results.

Supplier Management

After selecting a trustworthy company, we quickly respond to problems and changes by ensuring qua
lity and reliability, fair contracts, quality monitoring, and strengthening communication.

Purchase products and services

Once you have a clear understanding of your product/service, evaluate its quality and set standards. Considering economic aspects, we select value for money and maintain stable transactions by evaluating the reliability and creditworthiness of suppliers. Additionally, we prioritize environmentally friendly and ethical products/services.

Inventory Management

Prevent shortages and overstock by maintaining appropriate inventory levels, accurately predict demand and manage efficiently. Quick response possible through classification by importance and real-time monitoring.

Essential Competencies for the Purchasing Team


Requires expertise and experience in purchasing and supply chain management.

communication skills

Must be able to communicate smoothly with companies and internal teams.

Analysis and problem-solving skills

Requires the ability to analyze numbers and data and solve problems.

negotiation skills

Ability to negotiate prices and contract terms with suppliers required.


Must be able to cooperate and collaborate harmoniously with teams within and outside the purchasing team.

Integrity and responsibility

You must have sincerity and responsibility for your work.

Market and industry understanding

Requires the ability to understand and apply market trends and industry characteristics.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation to generate new ideas and drive change are important.

Purchasing Team Goals

Cost Reduction

  • 효율적인 공급망 관리를 통해 원가를 최소화하고 경제적인 구매를 실현합니다.

Inventory Optimization

  • Maintain appropriate inventory levels to prevent shortages and overstocks and maximize inventory turnover.

Quality guaranteed

  • We work with suppliers to ensure the quality of our products and services and increase customer satisfaction.

Maintain supply reliability

  • We build a stable and reliable supply chain to continuously secure the resources necessary for production and operations.

Strengthening market response

  • We strengthen our company’s competitiveness by responding quickly to market changes and analyzing market trends.

Innovation and Improvement

  • Introducing new technologies and methods to transform the purchasing process and drive continuous improvement.