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Sales team

team work characteristics and culture

customer centricity
– We always prioritize customer needs and provide accurate B2B services.

strategic plan
– Systematically devise and implement annual, quarterly, and monthly sales plans and implementation strategies.

Collaboration and Communication
– We strengthen collaboration between each internal department and perform efficient work through smooth communication with related departments.

International sales

Customer needs are accurately identified and evaluated for business purposes, and products that are confirmed to be suitable are processed through the development and manufacturing process according to an effective sales strategy until final delivery, and we make deliberate efforts to achieve continuous sales goals.

Domestic business

We systematically carry out product development and manufacturing processes based on understanding customer needs and determining business feasibility to achieve continuous sales goals.

Sales support

We promote smooth communication with related departments by supporting all activities from sales orders and volume order processing to post-sale product support and report writing.

Required competencies

Character competency

Since you are dealing with many people, the most important thing is to smile brightly and respond.  A bright and cheerful appearance makes people feel good and is also a basic quality in performing work.

communication competency

Communication skills are important as the work involves stakeholders from various departments within the company in addition to customers. You must clearly convey your intentions to the customer and quickly catch the customer’s needs or message and disseminate it internally.

Data analysis ability

Each person in charge is responsible for multiple companies, and sales strategies must be developed by analyzing and understanding the performance of each company. Likewise, new companies must select and propose items with potential after analyzing the company, and this comes from the ability to see and read data.

Sales team goals

Improved customer satisfaction

  • We quickly identify and strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

  • We build trust and continuously improve service quality through close communication with customers.

  • We collect customer feedback to improve the quality of products and services and improve customer satisfaction.

sales growth

  • We focus on increasing sales by establishing and executing specific sales plans on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis.

  • We identify market trends through comparison with competitors, and based on this, we strengthen competitiveness and grow sales.

  • We expand market demand and seek new sales opportunities through new product launches and marketing strategies.

Increase market share

  • We focus on expanding our market share by strengthening our competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

  • By entering new markets, we secure a diverse customer base and take a leading position in the market.

  • We continue to expand our market share by strengthening close cooperation with existing customers and attracting new customers.